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Are you on the wrong train?

You need to get to the other side of town and your fastest option is the B-line train.  So you descend into the subway system and see that there is a train on the platform about to close its doors.  One mad dash later, you are on board and settled into your seat for the 45-minute trip to the west end of the city.  Except that it’s the wrong train.  In your rush to get on, you did not notice that this is the W-line that will actually take you north to the airport, nowhere close to where you need to be for your doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

You made a mistake.  Errors like this happen all the time – at work, at home, at play.  But the bigger misstep would be to stay on the W-line train.  Staying on the W-line is the mistake that will cost you – whether it’s time (you’re going to be late for your appointment now) or outcome (who knows when you’ll be able to get another appointment with this specialist), or perhaps even money (you might be billed as a no-show).

I know riding the subway isn’t easy for you, it’s your first time and things are unfamiliar.  I know you had to sprint to catch the train, and that’s tough on your already painful knees.  I know your seat provides a comfortable respite as your heart rate settles after the sudden surge.  But if you’re on the wrong train, staying on it isn’t going to make it the right train.  If you want to get to your medical appointment, you’ll need to get off this train and find the right one.  But before you can do that, you need to first realize that you’ve made a mistake.

As it can be in your role as a leader.  There are lots of reasons why staying on the current course is familiar, and easier, and more comfortable.  But if it isn’t going to get you where you want to go, then it’s time to change your approach and strategy.  Which you can only do if you have the awareness and willingness to admit that you’re going in the wrong direction. 

So pay attention to the signs that tell you that you’re on the wrong path.  Are your staff raising the warning flags?  Are your clients telling you that what you’re proposing won’t work?  Are you carefully weighing evidence that suggests your plan may be flawed, or are you dismissing it without consideration?  And then, when you get these clues, be open and flexible enough to change your course as needed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Is there a case to be made for sticking to your plan and seeing it through to the end, despite possible obstacles and roadblocks?  Please comment directly on the blog

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Our brand new website is up and running!

  • In last month's Mega Minute, we told you about the soft launch of our brand-new website. Thanks to so many of you for your kind words about our new mobile-friendly site, and double thanks to a few people (you know who you are) who offered us some specific (and very useful) feedback. If you haven't had a chance to visit us yet, please do so at

Turning Managers into Leaders

That Merge can help you create the perfect virtual team-building event?

It’s been over six months since our world experienced a quantum shift – a global pandemic, physical restrictions, remote working, a worldwide social justice movement, to name just a few of the changes. If your team is working remotely, either all or some of the time, you’ve already realized that leading is harder than it was before.  Communicating, motivating, building relationships are all much more difficult from a distance.  So if you’re looking for ways to inspire high performance and solidify working relationships in your people, consider a virtual team-building event.  Merge will design the program of any length to best meet your specific needs and challenges. Contact us to start the dialogue about how to help you meet your objectives.


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